It’s exciting watching a child grow into their kindergarten years. While children show personalities and character quirks as early as infancy, this is the time in their life where you can really start to see your kid discover who they are. At Madame Curie School of Science and Technology, we understand how important these years are, and our STEAM++ curriculum is designed to provide a learning experience that leaves them wanting for more.

That’s something we prioritize heavily at our school — cultivating a child’s natural desire to learn. At kindergarten age, school can start to feel like an obligation, and even kids as young as 5-6 may start seeing education as a chore. This can have a devastating domino effect that impedes their ability to reach their full potential way into their teenage and adult years. It’s our goal to avoid this and turn them into Curious Kids instead, who are always open to learning new concepts.

At Madame Curie School, our program is not only loaded with educational and informative STEM concepts, but they’re also taught in such a way that makes the experience fun for the students. We want them to see learning as a fun and positive experience instead of an obligation. We have locations in Southriding and Herndon — if you’re interested in learning more about our program or enrolling your child, please use the form below to contact us today.