Early Preschool (16 months- 3 years old)

The Early Preschool curriculum at The Madame Curie School of Science & Technology is thoughtfully designed to meet the needs of our youngest student’s growing academic, emotional and cognitive abilities. During this formative period, we engage our students in a variety of learning experiences that help with the development of personality, trust, independence, focus, and problem-solving. The classroom is beautifully designed to appeal to the child’s natural curiosity. Teachers provide warmth, patience, and the encouragement necessary for each child to reach their personal best.

How do your youngest students develop science skills and knowledge of the world around them?

  • By expressing natural curiosity in their environment
  • A readiness to repeat actions that have a stimulating effect
  • The need to explore continuously in order to make sense of the world

The Madame Curie School of Science & Technology teachers supports the development of STEAM learning by providing a variety of hands-on materials, facilitating and joining our toddlers in exploration, and assisting in connecting experiences to what children have done or experienced previously.

Children are free to explore materials that spark their interest in a safe and carefully prepared classroom environment. Teachers assist the children through these explorations and help in the observation, comparing and question process. The classroom materials emphasize exploration and experimentation and help to develop the young child’s ability to concentrate and focus on the task at hand.

The materials in our Early Preschool classroom help develop and refine sensory perceptions, motor abilities, and language skills. Making and identifying patterns, learning to count, watching the weather, and discovering what animals and plants need to grow are also part of the Early Preschooler’s learning day.

At this crucial phase of development, an emphasis is placed on social interactions and a sense of community is fostered. For many students, it is the first time they are in a different environment from home. At MCS, we foster grace and courtesy lessons which provide opportunities to learn about sharing, taking turns, being patient and being a good friend. Planned activities and lessons are designed to develop coordination and independence as well as to encourage group interaction and increased self-esteem.

Instruction is given in the areas of math, language, science, geography, and the arts. The focus is also placed on gross and fine motor skills as well as fostering a beginning understanding of the world around them. As the child grows emotionally, physically, and intellectually, the activities in the classroom continue to change to meet his needs.

In many instances, this is the first experience the child has of being a member of his own “society.” The children are encouraged to be functioning members of their society, thus leading him to a feeling of confidence and dignity. Waiting for one’s turn, sharing, and patience are essential lessons that each child learns within the group.

Children at this age also learn practical life skills such as how to pour their juice, serve themselves a snack, put on their coat, blow their nose, and clean-up a spill (not to mention toilet-training)!

The classroom teacher offers the tenderness, warmth, and patience so essential at this age. An emphasis on the importance of a peaceful environment, along with the necessary nurturing and caring, are characteristics of this program.

Outside, children have room to play and discover just steps from the classroom doors. The Early Preschool program is a nurturing and secure environment where young children can do what they do best – explore everything!