We offer a unique After-School Enrichment Program for kids in Grades K-5. In addition to assisting them in their homework, we carry out Enrichment classes three times a week. The lessons given in these classes will make children remember the concepts taught in school in a much more effective manner.

** Free pick up service is available from local schools within a radius of 5 miles. Currently, we pick children up from Arcola Elementary, Goshen Post Elementary, Buffalo Trail Elementary, Cardinal Ridge Elementary, Creighton’s Corner Elementary, Hutchinson Farm Elementary, Liberty Elementary, Little River Elementary, and Pinebrook Elementary.  This list is subject to changes depending on enrollment. Please contact the Principal to find out if your child’s current school is eligible for free pick up.

Enrichment Classes Include:

Curie Learning – Math Enrichment
Curie Learning – Language Enrichment
Curie Learning – Science Enrichment
The Enrichment Program is offered free of charge for children who are enrolled in the After-School Enrichment Program. In order to ensure the overall development of children through our well-formed program, we also offer extra-curricular activities for very nominal charges.


Public Speaking
Chess Club
Exploratory Art
Dance Team
Amazing Athletes
Engineering for Kids
Spanish Lessons
Voice Lessons
** Extra-Curricular activities subject to availability and participation