Many education research teams have highlighted the importance of summer learning in their observations. They say that learning during gaps in school is a contributing factor in determining the child’s academic success in the immediately academic period. It accounts for as much as two-thirds of the difference in the likelihood of a student being at, above, or below grade level for all age groups from age 2. The lack of learning that can occur during summer break can have both short-term and long-term consequences.

Studies have also found that it is recommended to keep a young child’s day as consistent as possible during breaks in regular classroom education. This approach also helps in preventing learning losses and can alleviate the nervousness arising in children due to stepping into a new classroom or school in the fall.

At MCS our summer, winter, spring, and day camps are designed keeping in mind our school year curriculum. A portion of the day is utilized on working towards achieving academic goals. Students revise math concepts and work on improving their speed and accuracy with the help of daily worksheets.

The elementary age children will take up reading activities, including a weekly trip to the library, that involves reading selected fictional and non-fiction materials. Weekly sessions in critical thinking and logical reasoning will encourage creative thinking. While academic goals are important, we also have lots of fun activities in our enrichment camps.


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The Madame Curie School for Science and Technology is for Curious Little Minds.  We want to welcome everybody to our Summer Program starting from 10th June to 16th August 2019, at our South Riding location and from 17th June to 16th August 2019 at our Herndon location.

We are enrolling Ages 2 to 12 in All Day and half Day Summer Programs, we can also enroll your student per week or for a number of days per week. Students are K to Grade 6.

We enroll them in innovative STEM and Curriculum classes in Science, Technology, Engineering, Math, Language arts, Social-emotional skills, motor skills and art. The program activities are designed to be fun, give your child a chance to my lifelong friends, and for them to remember this summer as the summer that had the biggest impact in their lives and the fun summer ever. Summer field trips will be educational, fun and most activities will be out of doors rather than indoors all day.

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