1. Fostering Your Child’s Imagination

    Adults often think that children have strong and active imaginations simply because they are children. And while some children naturally have a stronger imagination than others, for many kids, it takes some time for that to develop and strengthen. For parents, who may not believe that they have an i…Read More

  2. 6 Stages of Play For Kids

    Everyone remembers the good old days of recess, right? Playing four-square, tag, climbing on the jungle-jim, or just talking with your friends. While recess is a much needed mental and physical break for kids of all ages, recess, or playtime, is crucial for a preschooler’s mental, social, and phys…Read More

  3. Getting Ready For Preschool

    Getting kids ready for preschool is often more stressful for parents than it is for the child — the idea of your baby growing up so quickly, what if they don’t make friends, what if they aren’t ready for the lessons? For kids, the idea of going to preschool means that they are big kids! They g…Read More

  4. Keeping Your Child Healthy at School

    It’s inevitable that kids will get sick, but the chances are usually higher at the beginning of the school year. Kids are readjusting to a new environment, a new schedule, and are around other kids, which can increase the risk of germs spreading. At Madame Curie School, our preschool strives to ke…Read More

  5. Making Science Fun For Kids

    Kids have strong imaginations, which often means that learning doesn’t really feel like learning. This is especially true when it comes to the sciences. Whether it’s biology, chemistry, or earth science, there isn’t much that will grab kids’ attention — it just has to be done in the right …Read More

  6. 7 Interesting Facts About Marie Curie

    When it came to naming our STAT-focused school for young children and early childhood education, we knew it had to be perfect. With so many options on the table, naming something as permanent as a school can be overwhelming. Do you name it after its founder? Do you name it based on its curriculum an…Read More

  7. How to Cultivate a Love of Learning In Your Child

    While we provide ourselves on the high-quality, STEM-based education we offer to young children, there is one simple fact that every parent and educator must come to terms with — a student only learns as much as they want to learn. Even the smartest child in the world will amount to little if they…Read More

  8. 5 Benefits of Preschool

    While there is a tremendous amount of flexibility that each and every parent has regarding their child’s education, there’s one thing that’s consistent among almost all children, and that’s starting kindergarten education at around five years old. Their schooling proceeds predictably from th…Read More

  9. preschool chantilly

    3 Common Myths About Preschool

    One of the hardest choices that a young parent has to make is how they will approach their child’s education once they’re past their baby years. At this point, they’re not quite old enough to go into a traditional school system, but they’re also old enough to where they finally have some tru…Read More

  10. steam++

    How We Break Down Advanced Concepts to Young Children

    When you hear the name “Madame Curie School Of Science & Technology,” the first image that comes to mind might be a private university or a specialized high-school. It might surprise you, then, that we’re actually a school for preschool-aged kids. While terms like “science,” “enginee…Read More